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JavaScript: Coding Challenges Bootcamp - 2019 | Udemy

Link : JavaScript: Coding Challenges Bootcamp - 2019 | Udemy

Welcome to "JavaScriptCoding Challenges Bootcamp - 2019". Learn how to solve coding challenges. In this course I try to explain the things ...NEW
JavaScript: Coding Challenges Bootcamp - 2019 | Udemy
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5,689 students enrolled
Created by Md. A. Barik

What you'll learn

  • Who want to learn coding challenges
  • Who want to learn how to solve coding challenges


  • A Computer with internet connection
  • Basics JavaScript knowledge

Coding challenges we will be solving:***

  • Summing Array Items
  • Word Counter
  • Sum Numbers in a Range
  • Sum All the Digits in a Numbers
  • Falsy Bouncer
  • Strings Reversal
  • Palindromes
  • Sorting Array
  • Highest/Lowest sum of two array items
  • Add one to number represented as an array
  • Non-repeating character
  • Most frequently occurs item
  • Integers Reversal
  • Remove Duplicate 
  • Finding longest word

Extracting / Separating integers from a strings or an array

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