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Learn JavaScript, Get Hired | The Full Bootcamp | Udemy

Link : Learn JavaScript, Get Hired | The Full Bootcamp | Udemy

JavaScript is the most in-demand skill. Get an extra advantage with this course's special JS interview question video HOT & NEW
Learn JavaScript, Get Hired | The Full Bootcamp | Udemy
4.7 (19 ratings)
207 students enrolled
Created by David Joseph Katz

What you'll learn

  • the differences between function declarations, expressions, and arrow functions.
  • a myriad of ways to write clean JavaScript code.
  • when the `this` keyword is relevant.
  • intricacies of types - coercion, null vs. undefined, truthy, falsy, and more.
  • why and how almost everything is an object.
  • the differences between let, const, and var.
  • a handful of ways to create object clones.
  • closures, function factories, and higher-order functions.
  • constructor functions
  • prototypes and the prototype-based inheritance model.
  • asynchronous code.
  • how to track code through the JavaScript runtime - through the callstack, heap, queue, and event loop.
  • and much more!


  • Minimal experience in another language will help. But it's not necessary. You can be a beginner.
  • If you're more experienced, start the course at a later section. It would be valuable to go through the interview question videos - no matter your level.

Therefore, according to the statistics, learning JavaScript is smartest choice to increasing your chances of landing a job.

In addition, this course is going to give you an extra advantage. Throughout the course, there are special interview-question based videos. These focus on particularly tricky question, that you may get asked about during a JavaScript interview.
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