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Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C# | Udemy

Link : Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C# | Udemy

Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C# Build Your Own Automation Framework And Learn Everything About Selenium WebDriver. Zero Previous Knowledge Required.BESTSELLER
Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C# | Udemy
4.3 (6,838 ratings)
19,939 students enrolled
Created by Nikolay Advolodkin

What you'll learn

  • Create a Selenium Webdriver framework from scratch using C#
  • Master C# for Software Automation Engineers
  • Understand how to do parallel test execution with NUnit: a must for all automation engineers
  • Master how to use Selenium Webdriver
  • Learn how to use any identification mechanism to find an object on a web page
  • Be desired by every employer as you create extremely reliable and stable automation tests
  • Automation testing best practices like DRY and SRP: fundamental knowledge for all automation enineers
  • Use the Page Object Pattern to develop high quality tests
  • Learn the automation testing best practices so that you can do Automation Testing with any tool
  • Understand what to automate and when
  • Learn what an Automation Engineer does at their job in the Agile lifecycle every day
  • Learn how to create HTML reports
  • Create log files so that you can debug your automation


  • You should have a PC running Windows 10 Professional
  • You can also use the Mac OS

The Highest Rated Selenium WebDriver course just got even better. Enjoy the latest framework design with the latest Selenium automation tools.

Are you confused and frustrated with your Selenium WebDriver testing??

Do your tests break often for no apparent reason?? Can you run 500 tests per day with the click of a button?

If you are struggling with these issues, then you are not alone. I was there many years ago as well and struggled to figure out the proper way to do test automation with Selenium WebDriver.

Here's the kicker:
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