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Apache Kafka® Get Started Now | Download a Confluent Package‎

Link : Apache Kafka® Get Started Now | Download a Confluent Package‎

Streaming Data Service By The Experts Behind Apache Kafka®. Download Today. Download The Latest Version of Apache Kafka, Plus Added Features & Capabilities. Reduce Ops Burden. Deployable in Minutes. 24/7 Support. Options: Confluent Enterprise, Confluent Open Source. Highest Rated

Apache Kafka® Get Started Now | Download a Confluent Package‎
4.7 (709 ratings)
5,141 students enrolled
Created by Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer

What you'll learn

  • Write simple and complex Avro Schemas
  • Create, Write and Read Avro objects in Java
  • Write a Java Producer and Consumer leveraging Avro data and the Schema Registry
  • Learn about Schema Evolution
  • Perform Schema evolution using the command line and in Java
  • Utilize the REST Proxy using a REST Client


  • Good knowledge of Apache Kafka
  • Some Java knowledge
  • A recent computer (Windows / Linux / Mac OS X) with 4GB of RAM
  • Understand JSON data format
  • Knowledge of REST APIs is better
Take a look at these student reviews...

★★★★★  "Excellent course. A must for Apache Kafka users." – Mayank

★★★★★  "Beautiful explanation of Avro and how to use it with Apache Kafka. This knowledge enhancing like all your other courses. We have Apache Kafka from Confluent in our enterprise and this is what I was exactly looking for. Thanks a lot." – Vinod

★★★★★   "Stephane Maarek is truly remarkable instructor! His instructional videos do not disappoint, they keep me wanting more and provide exactly the Kafka skills needed to be successful." – Troy

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