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Get Started With CSS (Plus Flexbox, Grid, and Sass)

Link : Get Started With CSS (Plus Flexbox, Grid, and Sass)

I get it. CSS can be scary. I thought it was scary too. I also hated CSS — until I properly learned the language. See, once you know CSS, and ...BESTSELLER

Get Started With CSS (Plus Flexbox, Grid, and Sass)
4.7 (4,204 ratings)
22,334 students enrolled
Created by Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Manuel Lorenz

What you'll learn

  • Build beautiful websites which don't just contain great content but also look good
  • Use basic as well as advanced CSS features
  • Understand the concepts and theory behind CSS and certain CSS features


  • You should know the very basics about HTML and web development in general
  • NO advanced HTML or web development knowledge is required though
  • NO CSS knowledge is required at all! You'll learn it all in this course!

Of course this course offers the theory and practical examples - we'll build an entire real course project throughout the course - but there also are multiple assignments, quizzes and challenges for you to practice individual concepts taught throughout the course.

Talking about the course project - we'll build the frontend (no backend) of a fictional web hosting company. We'll have a starting screen which has different sections, we got a responsive design with an animated side-drawer, we got modals and forms and in general we got a lot of CSS animations, font styles and more!
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