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Lets Make a Game: Infinite Runner Unity

Link : Lets Make a Game: Infinite Runner  Unity

Creating an 3D Endless runner game like Temple Run in Unity 3D using ... this one and actually start creating a game of their own from scratch ..HOT & NEW

Lets Make a Game: Infinite Runner  Unity
4.7 (26 ratings)
454 students enrolled
Created by Penny de Byl, Penny

What you'll learn

  • How to use the Unity Mecanim system to create and trigger animations states on a character.
  • How to design a graphical user interface with a main menu, popup windows and programmable buttons and sliders.
  • How to program an infinite scrolling 3D platform world.
  • How to implement background music and sound effects.
  • How to create and spawn particle systems for magic spells, explosions and special effects.
  • How to program a lives count and scoring system that saves the state.
  • How to build an entire casual game from scratch.


  • A good understanding of C#.
  • A basic understanding of the Unity Game Engine.

In this course, Penny will take you through all the stages of game development with C# and the Unity Game Engine using her internationally acclaimed Holistic teaching style and expertise from over 25 years teaching, researching and writing about games. Throughout the course you will follow along with hands-on workshops designed to teach you these core programming concepts that will take your games programs to the next level.  All assets including models, animations, textures and sounds are supplied.
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