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Transitioning to agile software development

Link : Transitioning to agile software development

Abstract. This paper presents ten success strategies when transitioning from traditional methods to agile software development methods. It is intended to be ...NEW

Transitioning to agile software development
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Created by Shaun smith

What you'll learn

  • Be able to effectively transition your development environment to an Agile-Scrum environment.
  • Gain practical understanding of the Agile Framework.
  • Understand what makes an agile transition successful.
  • Learn how to use metrics to successfully guide your Scrum projects.
  • Learn how to pitch agile to upper management.
  • Understand the different agile roles and how they fit into the Agile Framework.


  • You should know the basic Agile Concepts.
  • Need to have a basic understanding of Scrum.

The Transitioning To Agile Development course is for anyone in the process of transitioning to an agile development environment, or anyone thinking about transitioning to an agile development environment.

Transitioning from another approach, whether it be waterfall or some type of iterative environment, first requires a change in mindset. You need to change concepts, such as your feelings about change and failure being negative, to them becoming positive. You need to be able to pitch transitioning to an agile development environment to upper management, by explaining and proving the benefits of transitioning.

To have a successful transition, you need to make sure everyone involved in the project is aware of the Agile-Scrum roles and responsibility. You need to make sure they understand how to define what "done" means and what "satisfaction and acceptance criteria" means, plus why prioritization is the key, and how to maintain it through grooming.
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