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Apache Kafka Series - KSQL for Stream Processing - Hands On

Link : Apache Kafka Series - KSQL for Stream Processing - Hands On

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Apache Kafka Series - KSQL for Stream Processing - Hands On
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1,835 students enrolled
Created by Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer, Simon Aubury

What you'll learn

  • Learn all the fundamentals of KSQL
  • Create a taxi booking application
  • Create Streams, Tables, Generate Data with ksql-datagen
  • Advanced Operations: Joins, Windowing, Aggregations, Geospatial
  • Deal with all kind of data formats: CSV, JSON & Avro
  • Create and use UDF, use UDAF
  • Moving KSQL to production with tips


  • Fundamental understanding of Kafka (see beginners course)
  • Kafka Streams knowledge is a plus (but not a requirement)

The latest release in the Apache Kafka Series!

Confluent KSQL has become an increasingly popular stream processing framework built upon Kafka Streams. It enables developers to write real-time stream processing applications with the ease of SQL. No Kafka Streams knowledge required!

For this course, I have partnered with KSQL expert Simon Aubury to bring you the ultimate KSQL course.

We'll take a project based approach for this course. You'll learn all the most important KSQL features by gradually building a KSQL taxi booking application!

  • KSQL Setup
  • KSQL Command Line
  • Streams with CSV, JSON and AVRO
  • Use the KSQL-Datagen utility
  • Manipulate streams
  • Create Tables
  • Perform Joins
  • Advanced KSQL: Rekeying, Merging Streams, Windowing, Geospatial
  • Extending KSQL: UDF & UDAF
  • Moving to Production
  • KSQL Operations

Note: To best enjoy this course, a Mac or Linux machine is preferred. Windows users will have special instructions and would be better by leveraging a Linux VM.

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