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JavaScript and ES6 Challenges - Do you know JavaScript?

Link : JavaScript and ES6 Challenges - Do you know JavaScript?

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JavaScript and ES6 Challenges - Do you know JavaScript?
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30,852 students enrolled
Created by Bogdan Stashchuk

What you'll learn
  • Solve different JavaScript challenges and understand solution for each challenge
  • Understand ES6 classes, arrow functions, const and let
  • Use ES6 destructuring of objects and arrays
  • Learn how JavaScript and ES6 work under the hood
  • Learn how to create not "shallow" but "true" copy of the Array or Object
  • Understand what is variables hoisting and closure
  • Understand purpose of the default function parameters and their difference from the function arguments
  • Learn what is IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions) and use them appropriately to dispose internal functions
  • Explain difference between rest and spread operators and their appropriate usage
  • Implement template literals instead of traditional strings concatenation
  • Learn how to properly iterate Objects and Arrays
  • Implement array helper methods such as forEach and reduce
  • Basic JavaScript knowledge
  • Mac or PC with any text editor, preferably Atom
  • Description
  • In this course you will get JavaScript challenges that you will need to solve.
Each challenge consists of the task and solution. In some cases you will be asked to fix existing code, in some cases you will need to write some additional code. I will explain each line of the solution and you will deeply understand what happens behind the scenes.

Topics of the challenges are following:
  1. - Destructuring
  2. - Array helper methods
  3. - Variables hoisting
  4. - Let, Var and Const
  5. - Rest and Spread Operators
  6. - Ternary Operator
  7. - Default parameters
  8. - Closures
  9. - IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)
  10. - Classes
At the beginning of the course you will get source files for all challenges. They include start and finish states for each challenge.

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