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JavaScript - Breakout Game Exercise

Link : JavaScript - Breakout Game Exercise

JavaScript - A Breakout Game Exercise [Video]. Laurence Svekis. August 2018. 1 hour 38 minutes. Learn more about JavaScript's functionality.

JavaScript - Breakout Game Exercise
4.7 (18 ratings)
2,009 students enrolled
Created by Laurence Svekis

What you'll learn

  • Build a simple interactive JavaScript based Game
  • Apply JavaScript animations
  • Apply and practice JavaScript
  • Learn and explore whats possible with JavaScript and the Document Object Model DOM


  • Basic JavaScript HTML and CSS
  • Computer Access
  • Desire to learn
Learn and practice JavaScript with this fun game building exercise course
BUILD a - JavaScript Breakout game from scratch

Learn JavaScript and have fun doing it, building an exciting playable game within the course.

Source Code is included!!!!  Work along side the lessons to build your own version of the game.

Did you want to PRACTICE and LEARN more about using JavaScript, then this course is perfect for you to advance your skills in a fun step by step course teaching you how to build a game from scratch.

Within the course we explore animation functionality and how to apply it within your code to make things happen.

How you can use JavaScript to create and update elements within your page.  Setup animations and move things around.  JavaScript is designed to make your web content interactive and dynamic which is demonstrated within the building of a game only using JavaScript.

JavaScript is a prerequisite to this course, The course is designed to practice JavaScript and prior knowledge of JavaScript is needed to take this course.

All JavaScript no libraries and no filler, JUST JavaScript !!!!

The possibilities are endless, using the DOM and creating elements provides you a wide variety of options where you can take the code provided within this course and extend on it in any number of directions.   Learn practice and have fun.
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