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MATLAB/SIMULINK Bible|Go From Zero to Hero!

Link : MATLAB/SIMULINK Bible|Go From Zero to Hero!

Build 10 Practical Projects and go from Beginner to Pro in Simulink with this Project-Based Simulink Course!. This course is written by Udemy’s very popular author Dr. Ryan Ahmed, Ph.D., MBA and Mitchell Bouchard. ... There are more than 4049 people who has already enrolled in the ...BESTSELLER

MATLAB/SIMULINK Bible|Go From Zero to Hero!
4.4 (752 ratings)
3,297 students enrolled
Created by Dr. Ryan Ahmed, Ph.D., MBA, Mitchell Bouchard, Stemplicity School Online

What you'll learn
  • Develop Simulink models in a practical, fun and easy way.
  • Develop, simulate and analyze electrical and mechanical systems in Simulink.
  • Understand the basic concepts of control systems and develop your own controllers in Simulink.
  • Understand control system theory, develop PID controllers, and tune these controllers in Simulink.
  • Impress future (or current) employers with your marketable skills in MATLAB/Simulink
  • There is no prior experience required, even if you have never used MATLAB or Simulink before.
  • Matlab and Simulink software. Downloadable from MathWorks website.
This course will cover the basics of Simulink and students will be able to create Simulink models and run simulations of physical systems. The course includes a unique project-based learning approach and you are going to learn by doing! students will be able to develop fun, useful and practical Simulink models from scratch. 

In this course, students will be able to: 

Experience a true practical project-based learning experience, we will build 10 Simulink projects together
Access all the Simulink models and slides, 
Receive a certificate of completion to post on LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills in Simulink to employers. 
Receive a risk free trial with 30 day money back guarantee so you can give a course a try risk free!
Check out the preview videos and the outline to get an idea of the projects we will be covering.
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