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MySQL PHP Database Essentials add a Database to your site

Link : MySQL PHP Database Essentials add a Database to your site

Learn the fundamentals of MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin and how to connect database to your PHP code.

MySQL PHP Database Essentials add a Database to your site
4.3 (70 ratings)
10,097 students enrolled
Created by Laurence Svekis

What you'll learn
  • learn to apply MySQL database to your web applications
  • PHP and MySQL interacting together
  • create update insert and delete database content
  • setup databases
  • create tables and databases
  • computer
  • database access server access
  • basic PHP understanding
  • desire to learn
Learning MySQL and phpmyadmin

NEW course December 2015!

MySQL Database Tutorial for beginners to help better understand PHP connections. Learn how to interact with PHP code to connect to Databases.
  • Create a database with both phpmyadmin and PHP code.
  • Object oriented connections MySQLi and MySQL.
  • How to create a database MySQL
  • How to drop MySQL databases
  • Different MySQL data types
  • How to insert connect to MySQL using PHP
  • Output Database content into PHP and web code.
  • Selectors wildcards and custom selection options.
  • JOIN tables
  • GROUP tables
  • Avoid SQL injections
Create update insert and delete database content.

MySQL is the most popular relational database used across the internet today. We show you how to setup and use a database for your website.

Perfect for anyone who wants to understand how to use MYSQL 

This course is designed to be easy to follow along, its encouraged to practice the code being presented through out the course. Resources, source code, and everything you need to learn to try MYSQL code is provided.
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