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NoSQL: Neo4j and Cypher (Part: 2-Intermediate)

Link : NoSQL: Neo4j and Cypher (Part: 2-Intermediate)

NoSQL: Neo4j - Stop Developing Databases the Hard Way!

NoSQL: Neo4j and Cypher (Part: 2-Intermediate)
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1,741 students enrolled
Created by Bruce E. Hilton

What you'll learn
  • Spot the best Cypher commands for your project!
  • Choose the best way to Traverse your neo4j database
  • Be proficient in understanding how to use Variable length paths
  • Be an expert at working with Collections in Cypher
  • Be ready to go with Textual searches in Cypher
  • Be ready to go with using Conditional Expressions in Cypher
  • Have a great understanding of Pagination using Cypher
  • neo4j REST API is so cool you will want to use it !
  • Spot the best way to implement Pagination with the neo4j REST API
  • All course material are provided as downloadable resources
  • neo4j software is available by internet download from the neo4j web site
Social, Routing and Recommendation questions like:

"How do I know you ?"

"How do I get from London to New York ?"

and more importantly... "Where should I have dinner ?"

... are only a few of the broad range of problems that can be solved using a Graph Database like Neo4j.

"Graphs are everywhere! " - so if you have data you have a Graph!

Normal everyday kinds of questions make excellent graph questions, these kinds of questions are behind the massive web sites like;
  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Ebay
  4. Yelp
... and many others !
... they have their own proprietor technology, you can use Neo4j !

With Neo4j you have the tool which allows you to answers these questions, which are really just a graph query.

So, Stop Developing Databases the Hard Way!!

I wanted to make querying graph data not only fun, but easy to learn, understand and use with this easy to follow hands on course for developers and in under 3 hours!

Neo4js' Cypher language and property graph model is easy to understand and handle, especially for object oriented and relational developers.
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