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Past Life and Regression Therapy Training and Courses

Link : Past Life and Regression Therapy Training and Courses

Past Life Regression - Therapist Training. Help clients enhance psychic recall of past lives for karmic energy healing, with hypnosis, ...BESTSELLER

Past Life and Regression Therapy Training and Courses
4.6 (430 ratings)
2,257 students enrolled
Created by Mark Beale

What you'll learn
  • Take clients through a complete program of past life regression sessions.
  • Navigate efficiently through one past life, and though multiple past lives.
  • Provide full therapeutic resolutions, based on a number of techniques.
  • Recognise and apply therapy to the most popular issues.
  • Experience a personal past life regression session on video for general issues.
  • Get 8 one hour past life regression audio sessions for the major specific issues.
  • This is a complete course that covers with every step you need, so you could take it without any prerequisite training. Most students will have a background in therapy, spiritual healing or have had an experience or interest in with past lives.
  • You could enhance this course by taking my other complementary courses “Hypnotherapy with Age Regression - Session Guide”, and “Life Between Lives Therapist; Advanced Past Life Regression”.
  • The course is mainly designed for therapists who want to do Past Life Regression with their clients. It can also be taken by clients who want to review or extend their own past life sessions.
Version 2 - May 2019; The course has been re-recorded and re-written, with new lectures and resources.

This could be the start of a wonderful journey, of adding a new modality to your healing toolkit, experiencing a past life, or becoming a specialist Past Life Regression Therapist.

This course gives you the tools you need to run a complete program of three to five sessions of Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), to heal your clients causative issues.

Course Highlights;
  • Get a process to take clients through a program of sessions of Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT).
  • Get a Script Book to use in sessions, and a Manual explaining many variations of response.
  • Get a 54 minute PLRT video session, to experience general PLRT and learn from the inside.
  • Get a 8 PLRT audio sessions of around an hour each, to learn and heal specific issues like relationships, soulmates, weight, fears, anxiety, health and healing, and the spiritual path.
  • Get one major case and two minor case studies illustrating the entire PLRT process.
  • Learn how to integrate Past Life Regression with Hypnotherapy sessions.
* Are you a hypnotherapist who does regression to this life, and is now curious to explore regression back to past lives?

There is another step you can take in your regression practice. This course has a foundation in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and shows how to take another step back to a past life, to regress to the cause and fix it.

* Are you a spiritual healer who touches on your clients past lives, and now wants to formalise and expand your practice, with a refined structure and complete therapeutic technique.

A ‘past life regressionist’ can go the next level and become a ‘past life regression therapist’. It’s one thing to get glimpses or some of the story from your clients past life, sometimes. It’s another to gather a complete narrative of all relevant past lives, and apply a full and final therapeutic resolution on demand.

This course can help put into words and focus your spiritual understandings, so it can be applied practically to help your clients spiritual insights and journey, and your own.

* Have you pre or post a personal past life session?

This course could also be a way to understand, integrate and extend the past life sessions you have had, or prepare you for in person sessions you would like to have. Nine sessions of around one hour can help you learn PLRT from the inside, and help any current issues.

* Do you have clients who appear to spontaneously access past lives, or have spiritually orientated presenting issues, or request PLRT?

The universe may be asking you to do PLRT! Take the hint from the nudges and whispers ;) A world of spiritual wisdom can come as we move from the subconscious mind to the superconscious.

'Hypnotherapy with Age Regression' as a Prerequisite for Past Life Regression (LBL);

Many students are already hypnotherapists. If you are not, you may consider getting my other course “Hypnotherapy with Age Regression - Session Guide”. We will also cover some Age Regression in this Past Life course, as it is integral to identifying causative issues from the past, and relating them to present life presenting issues.

'Life Between Lives' as a 'Post-requisite', and Form of Advanced Past Life Regression

Once you know Past Life Regression, you can then study a form of Advanced Past Life Regression called Life Between Lives Therapy. You will find some PLR clients spontaneously move in this direction, as you enter spiritual healing, and layers of spiritual wisdom in the form of Soul Groups and the Soul Council.

To be prepared for this, and to enhance and advance your Past Life studies, you may consider buying this course “Past Life Regression - Therapist Training” together with “Life Between Lives Therapist; Advanced Past Life Regression”, as they are highly complementary.
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