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Python + SQL + Tableau: Integrating Python, SQL, and Tableau

Link : Python + SQL + Tableau: Integrating Python, SQL, and Tableau

How to use Python, SQL, and Tableau together. Software integration. Data preprocessing techniques. Apply machine learning. Create a module for later use of the ML model. Connect Python and SQL to transfer data from Jupyter to Workbench. Visualize data in Tableau. BESTSELLER
Python + SQL + Tableau: Integrating Python, SQL, and Tableau

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What you'll learn

  • How to use Python, SQL, and Tableau together
  • Software integration
  • Data preprocessing techniques
  • Apply machine learning
  • Create a module for later use of the ML model
  • Connect Python and SQL to transfer data from Jupyter to Workbench
  • Visualize data in Tableau
  • Analysis and interpretation of the exercise outputs in Jupyter and Tableau


  • Basic coding skills in Python
  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Basic ability to use Tableau for data visualization

Python, SQL, and Tableau are three of the most widely used tools in the world of data science.

Python is the leading programming language;

SQL is the most widely used means for communication with database systems;

Tableau is the preferred solution for data visualization;

To put it simply – SQL helps us store and manipulate the data we are working with, Python allows us to write code and perform calculations, and then Tableau enables beautiful data visualization. A well-thought-out integration stepping on these three pillars could save a business millions of dollars annually in terms of reporting personnel.

Therefore, it goes without saying that employers are looking for Python, SQL, and Tableau when posting Data Scientist and Business Intelligence Analyst job descriptions. Not only that, but they would want to find a candidate who knows how to use these three tools simultaneously. This is how recurring data analysis tasks can be automated.

So, in this course we will to teach you how to integrate Python, SQL, and Tableau. An essential skill that would give you an edge over other candidates. In fact, the best way to differentiate your job resume and get called for interviews is to acquire relevant skills other candidates lack. And because, we have prepared a topic that hasn’t been addressed elsewhere, you will be picking up a skill that truly has the potential to differentiate your profile.

Many people know how to write some code in Python.

Others use SQL and Tableau to a certain extent.

Very few, however, are able to see the full picture and integrate Python, SQL, and Tableau providing a holistic solution. In the near future, most businesses will automate their reporting and business analysis tasks by implementing the techniques you will see in this course. It would be invaluable for your future career at a corporation or as a consultant, if you end up being the person automating such tasks.

Our experience in one of the large global companies showed us that a consultant with these skills could charge a four-figure amount per hour. And the company was happy to pay that money because the end-product led to significant efficiencies in the long run.

The course starts off by introducing software integration as a concept. We will discuss some important terms such as servers, clients, requests, and responses. Moreover, you will learn about data connectivity, APIs, and endpoints.
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