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SQL & Power BI: Your Data Analytics & Visualisation Journey

Link : SQL & Power BI: Your Data Analytics & Visualisation Journey

Beginner to Intermediate : Business Intelligence & Data/Business Analysis with Microsoft Power BI.HIGHEST RATED

SQL & Power BI: Your Data Analytics & Visualisation Journey
4.6 (16 ratings)
110 students enrolled
Created by Data Civilisation

What you'll learn

  • SQL - the core fundamentals & intermediate concepts
  • Power BI - understand the power data visualisation & conduct your own analysis
  • The skills to analyse different types of data sets


  • None (we will walk you through from an absolute beginner level!)
  • Motivation to learn about data!
  • An inquisitive mind

Join this course and start gaining the key data analytic skills you’ve always wanted in your tool-belt!

This course will walk you through fundamental data concepts, with practical exercises, in order to build you from an absolute beginner to a skilled user, in both analysis and visualisation, working through the examples together to give you live practice.

Upon enrolling, you’ll gain instant, lifetime access to all sections of the course for Microsoft SQL Server and Power BI, as well as the data files and scripts necessary for the exercises.

Our approach is a stepped approach, meaning that you will keep gaining more and more building blocks as you work through the lectures. This means you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to conduct data analytics and visualise your data to a professional standard.

You’ll get access to all sections of the course that will teach you the fundamentals from the ground up, supported with over 8 hours of clear content to start your data journey:

· The course starts with ‘Core SQL’, where you will gain an in-depth understanding of the core functions in SQL. You will learn creating databases, to the most frequently used queries, to advanced filtering, to bucketing results.

· Next you’ll learn the more advanced SQL functions and concepts in the ‘Intermediate SQL’ section of the course. This includes data conversion, data cleansing, running totals, views, variables, stored procedures, and more.
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