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The Ultimate Flask Course

Link : The Ultimate Flask Course

Learn the fundamentals of the Flask framework and its various extensions. ... How to use other databases with Flask by using Flask-SQLAlchemy. Using Flask to ...

The Ultimate Flask Course
4.6 (36 ratings)
1,773 students enrolled
Created by Anthony Herbert

What you'll learn
  • How to build Python-based web apps using Flask.
  • How to use some of the most popular Flask extensions to add more power to your apps.
  • How to connect to and interact with a database in Flask.
  • How to deploy Flask apps to Heroku, Python Anywhere, and to a Linux server.
  • Basic Python
  • Be Able to Install Python and Flask on your computer
  • Know some basic HTML
Welcome to The Ultimate Flask Course. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to get started building your own Python-based web apps using the Flask framework. I will teach you the basics of Flask and show you some examples of how to build apps using only the features of the Flask framework itself. Then I will teach you various useful extensions that you can use to make adding more powerful features to your Flask apps much easier and show you example apps using those extensions.

You'll learn:
  • How to build Python web apps with Flask
  • How to use the Jinja template language to create the look of your apps
  • How to use the SQLite database to start development
  • How to use other databases with Flask by using Flask-SQLAlchemy
  • Using Flask to process incoming request data
  • How to build an API with Flask
  • Handle user sessions
  • How to build working apps with six app examples
In this course, we'll cover popular Flask extensions, including:
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy
  • Flask-WTF
  • Flask-Bootstrap
  • Flask-Mail
  • Flask-Migrate
  • Flask-Uploads
  • Flask-Login
  • Flask-Admin
  • Flask-User
  • Flask-Babel
  • Flask-Restless
  • Flask-SocketIO
  • Flask-Security
What do you need to know before starting the course?

As long as you have some basic experience with Python, you are ready to take the course. It's helpful to know some basics of HTML as well.
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