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Ultimate JavaScript Arrays

Link : Ultimate JavaScript Arrays

Master every aspect of JavaSript arrays, one of the most important elements ... Transform arrays into different arrays; Reduce arrays to just one element .... He's developed single-page applications for banks like CIBC, charities like .... This is my second Daniel Stern course, I previously completed Ultimate Javascript Object.

Ultimate JavaScript Arrays
4.0 (84 ratings)
3,349 students enrolled
Created by Daniel Stern

What you'll learn

  • Create a JavaScript array in 3 different ways
  • Filter unwanted elements out of arrays
  • Transform arrays into different arrays
  • Reduce arrays to just one element
  • Master the map function
  • Apply the Rest and Spread ES6 Operators
  • Work with D3.js
  • Apply several Lodash functions including chunk and intersection
  • Remove elements from arrays
  • Insert elements into the middle of arrays


  • Beginner understanding of JavaScript
  • Have access to computer with Google Chrome in order to participate in coding exercises
  • Have time to complete the quizzes / tests
  • Interest in improving coding in general

How much is not understanding JavaScript arrays costing you every day?

After many years of anticipation, Daniel Stern, aka the Code Whisperer, has finally released the MOST COMPREHENSIVE course on JavaScript Arrays known to the developer at this time.

This is the ONLY course designed to FULLY appraise you of EVERYTHING array-related in JavaScript!

Before this course is over, you'll learn....

  • How to create, edit, delete and access array elements
  • How to filter, map, reduce and sort arrays
  • How to use D3.js and Lodash.js
  • So much more

I've spared no expense to create the MAXIMUM number of quizzes and coding exercises possible! It is literally impossible not to understand JavaScript arrays after watching the videos and completing the exercises. Add to this the handouts included in EVERY CHAPTER and you have a recipe for learning of epic proportions.

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