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Ultimate PHP Basics for Absolute Beginners - [200+ PHP Code]

Link : Ultimate PHP Basics for Absolute Beginners - [200+ PHP Code]

Easy and Simple Methods to Learn PHP Concepts with lots of Practical Examples and Exercises. Skills Guaranteed. NEW

Ultimate PHP Basics for Absolute Beginners - [200+ PHP Code]
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11,460 students enrolled
Created by PHPTraining DotCom
What you'll learn

  • You will Learn PHP Language Basics from Scratch.
  • Complete PHP Syntax and Programming Language Basics.
  • You will do Exercises, Assignments and Practical Quiz on PHP Language.
  • You will learn how to Setup PHP on your Machine (Windows or Mac).
  • You will learn how PHP works and What can you do with PHP?
  • You will learn how to define Variables and Constants.
  • You will be able to define Expression and all the Operators in PHP.
  • You will write PHP program using Data Types - Strings, Numbers, Double, Boolean and null.
  • Learn to organise your source code with Namespaces.
  • You will learn how to write conditions and looping statements.
  • Learn how to handle Strings in Webpage with String Functions.
  • You will be become master in handling Arrays in PHP.
  • Learn the basics of defining Functions, Passing Parameters and Function Concepts.
  • Write Clean and Quality code by learning how to properly Handle Exceptions and Errors.
  • Learn Read, Write CSV File and Configuration Files in PHP
  • You will learn how to Show Dates, Compare Dates, Format Dates.


  • No prior programming knowledge required.
  • Able to use computer and install softwares.
  • Should have access Windows PC or Mac.
  • Understand little bit of HTML will help but not required.

Download 200+ PHP Source code used in this Course ......

Learn PHP 10X times faster with Examples, Exercises, Assignments, Blogs and Quiz ......

Complete Hands-on and Practical PHP Code for every topic in PHP ......

16+ hours of PHP Training fully focused on Writing and Learning PHP Code ......


Do you want to learn PHP from Scratch?

If Yes, then this is the right course designed for beginners students who want to learn PHP from basics.

Not just learn PHP but learn it 10x times faster by doing hands-on with our 200+ PHP source code materials.

Download 200+ PHP source code from Introduction Section. (Lecture 2).
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