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AWS DynamoDB - The Complete Guide - Build 18+ Demos Hands On ...

Link : AWS DynamoDB - The Complete Guide - Build 18+ Demos Hands On ...

Master Amazon DynamoDB, the Serverless NoSQL AWS database. Integrate DynamoDB w/ Web & Mobile Apps over Node.js REST API.BESTSELLER
AWS DynamoDB - The Complete Guide - Build 18+ Demos Hands On ...

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4,171 students enrolled
Created by Riyaz Sayyad

What you'll learn

  • Master DynamoDB from the ground up, covering everything from basic to adavanced DynamoDB with Hands On
  • Learn to Integrate DynamoDB with Web Apps (SPAs) as well as Mobile Apps (iOS and Android Apps)
  • Learn to use DynamoDB with AWS Services like Lambda, S3, Data Pipeline, Redshift, Apache Hive on EMR, CloudSearch, CloudTrail, Cognito, IAM and more
  • Learn to securely connect to DynamoDB using OAuth 2.0 Authentication with AWS Cognito and Fine-grained access control
  • Master Advanced DynamoDB features like DAX, Streams, Global Tables, Auto-Scaling, Backup and PITR
  • Practice 18+ Hands-On Activities
  • Learn DynamoDB Best Practices
  • Learn DynamoDB Data Modeling


  • Have access to an AWS Account
  • Be familiar with basics of AWS
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript (This is optional. I cover the JavaScript and NodeJS basics within the course.)

This course starts from scratch!

You’ll learn Amazon DynamoDB from the ground up. No prior knowledge of DynamoDB is necessary!

Join the most comprehensive DynamoDB course ever.

From basic to advanced topics in AWS DynamoDB, you get to learn it all! You’ll not only learn, but master DynamoDB, the cloud database from Amazon.

While you learn, if you need my help, just ask. You’ll receive prompt support both via direct messaging or discussion.

Amazon DynamoDB is a fast, flexible, serverless NoSQL database service from Amazon that scales on-demand to support virtually unlimited concurrent Read/Write operations, with sub-millisecond response times.

This Course uses Node.js and JavaScript

For all the demos that require the use of AWS SDKs, we'll use the AWS SDK for JavaScript. APIs are implemented on Node.js.

Knowledge of Node.js and JavaScript is good to have for taking this course. This shouldn’t however stop you from taking the course. If you are new to JavaScript or Node.js, I cover the JavaScript fundamentals as an optional section inside this course.

The JavaScript and Node.js topics covered in the course will help you get up and running with using the AWS SDK and perform the demos presented in this course. However, keep in mind that, as this course is not a JavaScript or Node.js course.

The course also uses Angular and Ionic for Web and Mobile app demos. Knowledge of Angular or Ionic, however is not required for you to be able to complete the demos presented in the course.

Get a very solid grasp on how to use DynamoDB in practice

This course will teach you all the fundamentals of DynamoDB as well as advanced DynamoDB topics. You’ll learn how to design DynamoDB tables using the DynamoDB best practices, how to use DAX or DynamoDB Accelerator for faster performance, how to reduce DynamoDB costs, how to perform efficient scaling and how to use AWS SDK to integrate highly-scalable web as well as highly-scalable mobile applications with DynamoDB.

This course follows a hands-on approach

We’ll build fully functional cross-platform web as well as mobile apps supporting social media login and providing a uniform user experience across devices and platforms.

This course demonstrates all the advanced features of DynamoDB, hands-on, and step by step. Simply watching me integrate DynamoDB with other AWS services and implementing web and mobile apps, will take your DynamoDB skills to the next level.

We will cover the latest DynamoDB features like DAX, Global tables, Auto-Scaling, Data Encryption, On-demand, Scheduled, as well as Continuous backups and Point-in-Time Recovery.

We’ll also cover hands-on demos on topics like integrating DynamoDB with S3, AWS Lambda, Cognito, Data Pipeline, Redshift, Apache Hive on EMR, CloudWatch, CloudTrail among others.

We’re also going to build RESTful API that connects to the DynamoDB backend with a Fine-Grained Access Control in place. We will then take this further and integrate a highly-scalable web application or a Single Page Application with DynamoDB.

And then we’ll integrate DynamoDB with highly-scalable iOS app as well as an Android app. All these three apps, web, iOS and Android apps will use Google login for user authentication. We'll do this by implementing social OAuth 2.0 based login with Federated Access using AWS Cognito.

Look through the course curriculum above for the complete list of demos covered.

By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered Amazon DynamoDB and you’ll be confident and be fully equipped to tackle even advanced level DynamoDB projects.
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