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Blockchain Development on Hyperledger Fabric using Composer

Blockchain Development on Hyperledger Fabric using Composer
Link : Blockchain Development on Hyperledger Fabric using Composer

Blockchain Applications For The Wide Range Of Industries. Leverage Our Blockchain Potential To Lay The Software Cornerstone For Your Business. End-To-End Development. Proven Track Record. Real Use Cases.
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7,871 students enrolled
Created by Rajeev Sakhuja

What you'll learn

  • Develop Hyperledger Blockchain Applications using Composer Framework
  • Model the Blockchain Applications using Composer modeling language
  • Evaluate if a business application will benefit by adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Develop front end (Client) applications using Composer API
  • Leverage Composer REST Server to design a web based Blockchain solution
  • Describe the various components of Hyperledger Fabric Technology (Peers, Orderer, MSP, CA ...)
  • Design Hyperledger Fabric Composer Business Network Application (NOT the infrastructure)


  • Student should have hands on experience with Javascript *or* Java *or* NodeJS
  • Basic working knowledge of Web Applications (HTTP, REST)
  • Student must be comfortable in learning new design patterns & an architectural paradigm
  • Basic knowledge of concepts of Blockchain
  • A decent computer & internet connection
  • Good to have : Docker, Unix commands, NodeJS

PS: Please READ all the points before proceeding

  • Please do NOT join the course if you are NOT comfortable with coding
  • Focus of the course is Composer based application development. Course will NOT teach you how to use ALL the various utilities/tools for hypereldger infrastructure component setup.
  • Course is NOT for Operators or Infrastructure engineers *but* you are welcome to try as it would help you in building a strong foundational knowledge.
  • You MUST have a basic understanding of Blockchain technology. Do take a preview before joining.
  • This course will NOT teach you Javascript or any Javascript framework to develop UI
  • You MUST be comfortable in installing software & tools on your machine. Course requires many tools to be installed.
  • Please read the Pre-Requisites before signing up
  • Try out the lectures in preview - if you have difficulty understanding the lectures/accent....I request you NOT to join 

If you are still with me lets continue :-)


Demand for Blockchain technologists is going up as multiple enterprises (& startups) are looking to achieve efficiency or/and create new business models enabled by the Blockchain technologies. Bitcoin & Ethereum have proven to the world that Blockchain technologies can change the way we do business. The challenge with these technologies is that they were both built ground up for public domain applications and are not always suitable for building an enterprise grade application. Hyperldger project, a Linux foundation initiative is driven by the industry leaders to build Blockchain technology(s) that would provide a platform for creating Enterprise Blockchain Applications.
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