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Master Excel Lookups and References

Link : Master Excel Lookups and References

Invigorate your Excel workflow! Master the most important lookup-and-reference functions - in one day. Learn to use VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH and ...
Master Excel Lookups and References

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150 students enrolled
Created by Igor Ovchinnikov

What you'll learn

  • Discover the almost magical power hidden inside the lookup-and-reference functions in MS Excel
  • Learn how to tame Excel’s lookup-and-reference power to re-engineer and drastically speed up your specific day-to-day tasks
  • The number one Excel concept you must learn before you learn anything else if you want to be taken seriously as a remotely savvy Excel user. This is hard-core Excel foundation stuff that everyone working with spreadsheets must know.
  • The increadibly easy-to-understand explanation of the anatomy of VLOOKUP—one of the most popular and misunderstood by beginners Excel functions.
  • How to work with named ranges in Excel and give your spreadsheet formulas a much more polished and professional feel while saving tons of time and eliminating certain types of pesky mistakes.
  • Tickle your creativity and imagination with the HLOOKUP function which can actually be as effective as the VLOOKUP when your Excel data is flipped 90 degrees.
  • Great Excel tips and tricks that you can learn immediately and start using every day.
  • Everything you need to know about the crazy-popular VLOOKUP function. (Including when NOT to use it.)
  • Astonishingly flexible ways to append specific data to your datasets by combining MATCH and INDEX functions. (When done right, it it’s way more efficient than using VLOOKUP!)
  • Design jaw-dropping, creative, elegant lookup and reference solutions for your spreadsheets.
  • Instantly understand the benefits of HLOOKUP in certain specific situations. (It’s easy. Especially if you already understand the VLOOKUP!)
  • Wrap your mind around the OFFSET function. In Excel, it’s probably one of the most misunderstood functions. Once you learn and understand it, you will be able to create simple, yet highly sofphisticated solutions to some of the most quirky lookup-and-reference problems. It may also help you quickly propel your creative-thinking skills to a more profound level.
  • How to create dynamic range references with the mega-useful esoteric OFFSET function. (So you can prevent your formulas from “breaking” in certain important situations!)
  • Learn how to use the little-known INDIRECT function to quickly consolidate data from multiple sheets. (When you do it right, all it takes is a single well-designed formula - no more copying and pasting links!)
  • Unveil the hidden world of array formulas in Excel. (80% of Excel users are probably clueless about this.)
  • How to TRANSPOSE data while preserving its connection to the original source. (Helps you save loads of time in the long run - when you want this functionality in your reports!)
  • How to create hidden lookup data arrays for flexible lookups. (So you can keep your spreadsheets crisp and clean of unnecessary junk!)
  • How to create flexible data lookups for Excel dashboards with user-friendly drop-down lists.
  • No Excel function is an island! Discover the super-specialized MATCH function. Pretty useless alone—on its own, it’s absolutely indispensable when you combine it with some other functions. Such as VLOOKUP or INDEX. It’s an absolute must-learn to create more elegant professional Excel solutions without completely racking your brains.
  • Discover what you can quickly accomplish once you learn to combine the VLOOKUP and MATCH in a symbiotic formula to step up from the one-dimensional world into a much more sophisticated two-dimensional one and achieve your goal in a more elegant way faster.
  • How to use the incredible INDEX function. Some Excel pros call it the “gold standard” of lookup solutions. When you learn how to use it you will achieve greater flexibility in your spreadsheets than you ever dreamed possible while creating solutions more elegant and simpler than you can believe.
  • Discover the heavenly marriage of INDEX and MATCH. When you learn how to properly combine these two functions you can instantly make it a breeze and a joy to solve the most complex data-lookup problems in your workflow. They are not only more flexible than using VLOOKUP but also more efficient and work faster in larger datasets.
  • A little-known method to easily consolidate data from multiple Excel spreadsheets into one by taking advantage of the INDIRECT function. Learn to create one simple formula that you can copy anywhere and it just works like a charm—without any modifications. No more copy-pasting!
  • How to use Excel’s CHOOSE function to create a formula to get the correct fiscal quarter from a date—it does not matter when your fiscal year begins.


  • Make sure that Microsoft Excel is installed on your computer before you take this course.
  • This course is best if you have already covered the basics of Excel and use it every day.
  • Ideally, you are already somewhat familiar with Excel. This is an intermediate level course.

I've developed this course for Stanford University.  Now, it's finally available to you as well. Join my Stanford students and learn, so that you too can invigorate and dominate your Excel workflow better than ever before!

Enroll now and master Excel's most important and powerful lookup-and-reference functions. Propel your skills beyond VLOOKUP and discover the full power and hidden potential of Excel lookups.

Few things can transform your Excel workflow faster than tapping into the true power of Excel lookup-and-reference functions.  Learn VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, OFFSET, INDIRECT to immediately skyrocket your skills to a higher orbit.

This course will demonstrate what you need to know about these amazing Excel tools, covering how to create powerful formulas that automatically find and display exactly what you want in your datasets.

First, you'll master the venerable VLOOKUP and its remarkable potential, and how you can apply it to your workflow.

Then you'll move on to more elegant solutions: discover the MATCH function and the benefit of  combining it with VLOOKUP.

Next, you'll learn how to take advantage of INDEX and MATCH for ultimate flexibility.

Plus, discover more efficient ways to consolidate data with the little-known INDIRECT function and tickle your creativity with the esoteric OFFSET function.
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