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Serverless Workflow Management with AWS Step Functions

Link : Serverless Workflow Management with AWS Step Functions

 Introduction. Step 1: Create a State Machine. Step 2: Create an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Role. Step 3: Design a Serverless Workflow. Step 4: Create your AWS Lambda Functions. Step 5: Populate your Workflow. Step 5: Execute your Workflow. Step 5: Terminate resources.

Serverless Workflow Management with AWS Step Functions
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14,496 students enrolled
Created by Mahmoud Matouk
What you'll learn
  • Create Lambda functions (manually and using CloudFormation templates)
  • Create and manage State-Machines (Workflow) using AWS Step Functions
  • Utilize CloudFormation templates to deploy Lambda functions
  • Familiarity with Amazon Web Services web console
  • Basic knowledge of AWS Lambda is helpful
  • Basic business process workflow knowledge is helpful
  • Active AWS account is required to follow step-by-step demo
  • Good understanding of JSON notation
AWS Step Functions is used to orchestrate micro services into manageable workflows and state-machines, it is a rich service that is capable of creating complex business processing flows by running services and activities in steps utilizing wait conditions, parallel processing, decision branching and exception handling to implement long running processes.
AWS Step Functions is written in JSON format and is capable of integrating with Lambda functions and with custom activities that could be workers running on EC2 instances.
This course is a walk-through of the concepts and basic structure of AWS Step Functions and a demo on creating basic Order Processing workflow utilizing Step Functions and Lambda.
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