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The Laravel essential guide.

Link : The Laravel essential guide.

Build simple to advanced web applications using the PHP's most popular web framework - Completely re-recorded for 5.8 What you'll learn Build simple to.
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The Laravel essential guide.

What you'll learn

  • Create web application using Laravel's front and backend logic.


  • Just a little bit of javascript and some CSS.

Do you want to learn the whole process of building an App with Laravel ?.

This is the course for you.

We will start from the very beginning, from "I don't even know how to install it....and why should I“ to actually understanding how Laravel communicates with the front and backend.

You will learn all the logic and practice behind Laravel in different modules and as we advance through the course we will be increasing the difficulty.

Since I believe that the best way to fully learn is by coding, after the “getting to know laravel” sections we will put everything in practice with a practice project.

To sum everything up, you will learn in this course:

  • The very basics of Laravel. How to install and set up everything( Mac and Windows )
  • We will talk basics with templates, controllers, migration and models.
  • Once we are done with the basics, we will learn about Eloquent.
  • We will connect our Laravel app with mysql.
  • Perform crud operations.
  • Will use plugins like WYSIWYG, Filemanager, slugs, etc.
  • Put everything into practice with a practice project.

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Last updated 3/2019
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