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Amazon SEO , PPC , & Reviews - Improve Your Listing's Rank

With our machine learning tool, your AMAZON store will start automatically to advance. From Keyword-research to BUILDING and optimizing your PPC campaigns. WORKS NON STOP 24/7. Algorithm Optimization. Benefits: Reduce ACoS, No Previous Knowledge Needed. Hot & New
 Amazon SEO , PPC , & Reviews - Improve Your Listing's Rank
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2,029 students enrolled
Created by Sumner Hobart
What you'll learn
  • 💰 Low-cost, step-by-step methods to get your product in front of thousands of hungry customers FAST!
  • 📙 Amazon title, bullet point and description templates ($200 value)!
  • 🔧 Access to the most powerful (and accurate) Amazon keyword research tool!
  • 🚀 3 (secret) hacks that will SKYROCKET your Amazon listing's rank!
  • 🌟 7 ways to (ethically) generate Amazon product reviews FAST!
  • 📾 Stunning, high-converting Amazon product photos WITHOUT breaking the bank!
  • 🏖️ Get monthly Amazon product reviews on autopilot (not taught ANYWHERE else!)
  • 📈 Step-by-step Amazon PPC - BEST method for maintaining & increasing rank for your Amazon product.
  • đŸŠč Amazon hijackers and how to get rid of them.
  • 💡 Choosing the right product category & keywords for your Amazon product.
  • 💾 Amazon listing optimization like the top 1% of Amazon sellers!
  • đŸ€ How to convince Amazon to show YOUR product to their customers.
  • Basic internet skills, ALL you need is taught within this course!
  • Ask me ANYTHING in the Q&A section, I’m here to help you achieve your dreams!



Are you struggling to make sense of all the information out there?

Do you feel stuck?

Or just don't know where to start?


You’re planning on (or have actually tried) creating a product listing on Amazon.

You’re nervous you won’t get it right or maybe you’ve already tried but your listing just doesn’t get/ stick to the first page.

You feel like the market is just “too competitive”.

And even though you've watched video after video on Youtube.

…Enrolled in a couple ”free” webinars or trainings.

…Read through endless Facebook posts.

…And maybe even taken an Amazon FBA course!

The issue still remains.

You’re still in the EXACT SAME spot as when you started out.

Your product isn’t getting the results it deserves.

If this sounds right, then keep reading...

Do you want someone who is ACTUALLY successfully launching dozens of products on Amazon to guide you step-by-step through the entire process?

To answer every single question you have about selling on optimizing your Amazon listing?

To simplify the entire Amazon SEO & launch process into terms you can actually understand?

Access to proven strategies to exponentially increase your chance of success (even if you have ZERO experience)?

With unique strategies that you won’t find ANYWHERE else?

If you want to learn how to optimize and rank your Amazon FBA listing like 8-figure sellers - sign up to this course today.

No nonsense, no fluff.

Just life-changing video tutorials, packed with real-world, step-by-step processes, tools and techniques.

Let me emphasize that again….STEP-BY-STEP… That's the key to your success, right?

If you’ve taken other Amazon FBA courses and found them to be lacking in vital information it's probably because the instructor doesn’t actually sell on Amazon or sells very little.

Which is such a shame!

Because they leave out so much opportunity on Amazon that has the potential to change everything for you.

WELCOME and great to see you here!

My name is Sumner and I’m currently generating $40,000/ month in revenue through my Amazon FBA Private Label business alone.

I started as a complete beginner, having sold NOTHING on Amazon (or online) before the summer of 2018.

Since then I’ve launched DOZENS of successful private label products on Amazon with highly optimized listings and systems that automatically harvest verified reviews.

I believe selling products on Amazon FBA is THE greatest opportunity of this decade.

And I genuinely can’t wait to share what I've learned with you.

It doesn't matter who you are or where you’re from… ANYONE can become an Amazon SEO expert.

You could be a freelancer, teacher, stay-at-home mom, engineer, marketer, business owner, cashier, landscaper or anything else.

If you want to achieve your dreams, it all comes down to your DESIRE. How badly do you want a better life for yourself and your family?

Yes, your DESIRE.

When you channel that desire towards learning to market products that people desperately want on the world's largest eCommerce platform the possibilities are endless.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re looking to drastically improve your existing Amazon business, this course is for you.

And I'm going to walk you through the exact steps I take with my own business -- and how I implement them to fuel the life of my dreams.

And how YOU can too. :)

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