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JavaScript ES6 Course 2019: The Complete Developer's Guide

ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer's Guide ... This course will get you up and running quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply ...New
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Created by Bimal Chandra Barui
 JavaScript ES6 Course 2019: The Complete Developer's Guide
What you'll learn
  • The difference between ES5 and ES6
  • Using ‘let’ and ‘const’ for the scopes, hoisting and declaring variables
  • Using the new type of operators ( spread and rest) to manipulate arrays and function arguments
  • Practicing the strings using Template literals for multi-line statements and using values in statements
  • New Objects, Array , string, number and other built-in methods introduced in ES6
  • Assigning Default values to arguments in functions
  • New way of creating functions using arrow functions and its implementations
  • De-structuring the objects and arrays
  • New Data type Symbols and data structures Sets, Maps, Weak Maps and Weak Sets
  • Object Oriented Programming In ES6
  • Using Modules and Generator Functions
  • Modern way of performing asynchronous functions using Promise
  • Basic Knowledge of Programming
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript ( DOM)
  • A proper IDE for quick practice such as VS Code, Brackets
ES6 released in 2015 gave a big change and gave a lot of new features to JavaScript and modern web development. ES6 targets the declarative programming approach which helps developer perform a quick development with a complete ease.
ES6 with new keywords allowed hoisting and scoping of the variables whether they are local, block-level or global. The new way of creating functions being vastly used because of its simple syntax and impact on the JavaScript this keyword
Till ES5 the old approaches for iterations, performing asynchronous operations were used. Such as callback hell had become a mess but ES6 with the promises gave a proper design for asynchronous functions
Not only JavaScript is capable of functional programming but also with the release of ES6, Object Oriented Programming has been introduced in JavaScript
A bunch of methods ES6 has provided to quickly solve problems increasing the efficiency of code. Instead of writing the whole logic behind a solution, various functions are provided to help solve the problem
Many modern libraries like React are using most of the syntax and implementation of ES6. Thus providing an ease to the development. Although new features after ES6 are also being released but they don’t have the complete detail and a big change which ES6 brought
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