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R programming for (social) scientists

 R for Social Scientists. Data Carpentry's aim is to teach researchers basic concepts, skills, and tools for working with data so that they can get more done in less time, and with less pain. The lessons below were designed for those interested in working with social sciences data in R.

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6 students enrolled
Created by Tomislav Pavlović
 R programming for (social) scientists
What you'll learn
  • R programming
  • SEM
  • CFA
  • moderation
  • mediation
  • linear regression
  • logistic regression
  • ordinal regression
  • multinomial regression
  • research methodology and psychometry
  • data manipulation
  • data visualisation
  • data analysis
  • No prerequisites - we start from scratch :)
Have you ever wanted to created those pretty interactive plots or analyze the data using CFA, SEM and other sophisticated procedures, but you gave up because it seemed to complicated? Especially since you'd have to "code" something? Join this course and learn some of the most sophisticated statistical procedures in a relaxed environment that makes it look completely easy and understandable. Regardless if you're starting from scratch or just want to revise some concepts - this course will turn you into an analyst in no time! All codes and videos are available for you to download, so you can implement these procedures directly on your data. Of course, if you want :)
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