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React.js Academy for Beginners with Firebase

  React.js Academy for Beginners with Firebase. Learn React by building a Trello inspired application with a realtime database & authentication!New
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33 students enrolled
Created by Chris Dixon
 React.js Academy for Beginners with Firebase
What you'll learn
  • Setting up a React project
  • React file and folder structure
  • Component types and what they do for our app
  • Handling state
  • Writing JSX
  • Component lifecycle
  • Looping through data and components
  • Passing methods and data as props
  • Prop validation
  • Forms and inputs
  • Controlled and uncontrolled components
  • React refs
  • Setting up React router
  • passing props to a router component
  • URL parameters
  • Using withRouter and push methods
  • Passing state via router
  • Setting up Firebase Firestore
  • Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting data from Firebase
  • Using the where and orderBy methods or filter and sort data
  • Resizing textareas
  • Realtime data using onSnapshot
  • Handling document changes
  • React Context API
  • Authentication
  • User sign up, log in and log out
  • Listening for auth changes
  • Conditional rendering
  • Redirecting and error messages
  • Roles and permissions
  • Building for production
  • Deployment
  • Experience of HTML and CSS
  • Previous Javascript knowledge will be a great advantage
  • A basic knowledge of web development
React is one of the most popular and in demand technology in modern web development!
This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to build modern applications using React.
Using a component based approach, React allows you to build interactive user interfaces using Javascript.
This course is completely project based and everything you learn will be instantly put into practice into one big project.
We will be building a Trello inspired project which will allow us to take advantage of React's features including:
  • Scaffolding projects using Create React App
  • React file and folder structure and what they do
  • What components are and how to use them
  • Writing JSX
  • Class based and function components
  • Managing state
  • Looping through data
  • Using props to pass data and methods to components
  • Prop validation
  • Styling components
  • Forms and inputs using controlled and uncontrolled components
  • Setting up React router
  • Passing router props
  • URL Parameters
  • Using withRouter and push
  • Using the router to pass state
  • Context API
This course is designed for beginners to React, or if you have tried it before and not quite managed to grasp it.
Although HTML, CSS and some basic Javascript experience will help you get the most out of this course.
However we don't stop there! Even thought React handles our user interface, most apps also need a backend too.
We make use of Firebase to provide a realtime database to our project.
This will allow us to not only store our data, but also to keep subscribed to any database changes as they happen, along with the following:
  • Setting up a Firestore database
  • Pushing and reading data from our database
  • Updating and deleting data
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Realtime data using onSnapshot
  • Handling document changes
We also use Firebase to handle authentication. Users can sign up, log in and out, allowing users to have their own personal boards which only they can see and edit.
We take advantage of React's Context API to pass the users auth state throughout our application, and handle conditional rendering.
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