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Selenium-Python|Best for Automation beginner|Live Apps-30+hr

Selenium with basic to advance python | Python Scripting| Framework implementation |Selenium Python | Python Selenium | By T World ...
 Selenium-Python|Best for Automation beginner|Live Apps-30+hr
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1,962 students enrolled
Created by T World
What you'll learn
  • ** You can start work on real time automation projects using Selenium with Python **
  • ** You will be expert in Selenium automation and can implement it in your work place **
  • ** Will be a decent python programmer and would be able to implement concepts in real projects **
  • ** Able to face experienced level Selenium and Python interview questions **
  • Basic understanding of Windows Operating System
  • Good to have basic understanding of Manual Testing & Processes
Selenium is the most demanding automation API for web automation, Python with Selenium makes a great package to automate web automation in very easy steps.
Course is designed in such a way that the user does not required to have any prior understanding of python scripting

Course Coverage

1. Basic to advance Python Programming
2. Element locators
3.·Webdriver API
4. Data driven Framework
5. BDD framework with Behave & POM
6. API Testing using Python
7. Json Handling
8. Robot Framework - Keyword Driven Framework
By the End of this Course you will able to understand best automation practice and write all kind of automation testcases using Selenium
This course is very useful for professional who are working in Manual and Automation Testing.

Who this course is for:
  • Manual Testers Looking Opportunity in Selenium with Python
  • Freshers looking for opportunity in Automation Testing
  • Any professional want to automate web application using Selenium and Python Programming
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