Advanced Predictive Techniques with Scikit-Learn& TensorFlow

This course presents some of the most advanced Predictive Analytics tools, models, and techniques currently having a big impact on every industry. The main goal is to show the viewer how to improve the performance of predictive models—firstly, by showing how to build more complex models and secondly, by showing how to use related techniques that dramatically improve the quality of predictive models.
 Advanced Predictive Techniques with Scikit-Learn& TensorFlow
What you'll learn
  • Use ensemble algorithms to combine many individual predictors to produce better predictions.
  • Apply advanced techniques such as dimensionality reduction to combine features and build better models.
  • Evaluate models and choose the optimal hyper-parameters using cross-validation.
  • Learn the foundations for working and building models using Neural Networks.
  • Learn different techniques to solve problems that arise when doing Predictive Analytics in the real world

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