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Artificial Intelligence Masterclass (with no coding)

Artificial Intelligence Masterclass (with no coding). Learn about AI technology, design, ethics and governance and be ready to lead an AI product or business.udemy discount
Artificial Intelligence Masterclass (with no coding)
What you'll learn
  • Artificial intelligence technology in a non-technical way
  • AI governance: bias, ethics and privacy
  • AI strategy
  • Human-centered AI design
  • Future of work
 If you want to be a leader in the future, you'll need to understand what AI is, how it learns, how to manage AI and humans together, how to govern AI systems and how to handle issues like bias, ethics and privacy.This course gives you all of that knowledge and skills, taught by AI experts who successfully sold their first AI startup to a major media company. You'll learn everything you need to know to lead an AI project or AI company through instructional videos, in depth discussions and practical reading and resources. Plus you'll get access to AI experts to make this a continuous learning journey!
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