Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with Python & R™

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 Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with Python & R™
What you'll learn
  • Data Science
 This course teaches big ideas in machine learning like how to build and evaluate predictive models. This course provides an intro to clustering in R from a machine learning perspective.This online machine learning course is perfect for those who have a solid basis in R and statistics but are complete beginners with machine learning. You’ll get your first intro to machine learning.
After learning the true fundamentals of machine learning, you'll experiment with the techniques that are explained in more detail. By the end, you'll be able to learn and build a decision tree and to classify unseen observations with k-Nearest Neighbors.
Also, you'll be acquainted with simple linear regression, multi-linear regression, and k-Nearest Neighbors regression.
This course teaches the big ideas in machine learning: how to build and evaluate predictive models, how to tune them for optimal performance, how to preprocess data for better results, and much more.
At the end of this course, our machine learning and data science video tutorials, you’ll have a great understanding of all the main principles.

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