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Deep Learning :Handwritten Digits Recognition [Step by Step]

 At the end of the Course you will implement a Handwritten digits recognition with Deep Learning [Complete Project with source code]
 Deep Learning :Handwritten Digits Recognition [Step by Step]
What you'll learn
  • Handwritten Digits Recognition with Deep Learning
  • Step by Step guide to Setup the environment
 You will understand the basics of Deep Learning. You can enhance your  Skills to reach  the next Level. This is the Perfect Guide for an absolute beginner who wants to start Deep Leaning.
By the end of these videos, you will get the understanding of following areas
  • Setting up the Environment for Deep Learning (Step by Step Guidance is Provided in order to get your program up and running)
  • Preparing the Data set , Data Acquisition , and Plotting the Data
  • Defining Learning parameters / Plotting the Data set
  • Training the Deep neural network
  • Evaluate
  • Deep Learning basics step by step guide
  • Complete Project source code
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