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Developing an Indoor environment for 0 - 6 year olds

Arrange activity areas around the room, not just the edges with empty space in the middle. Think about the different types of areas to include, such as a quiet area, an active area, creative/messy areas, a construction area, an eating area and a book area.
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Created by Farida Mohammed-Gonzales
Last updated 9/2019
 Developing an Indoor environment for 0 - 6 year olds

What you'll learn
  • How to create an effective learning and engaging indoor classroom in nurseries and preschools
  • Psychology of Learning: How children Learn
  • Types of activities for children 0 - 6 years old
  • Resources to get you started
  • Role of the adult in children's learning
  • Areas of Learning
  • Characteristics of Learning
  • The Early Years Learning Goals
  • The Early Years Framework for England and Wales
  • The Theories used in Early Years Settings
  • Development Matters handbook for England and Wales
  • Be able to speak and understand English at a basic level
  • No experience or previous academic qualifications required
This course teaches the importance of having an effective indoor learning environment for babies and pre-schoolers. You will learn how to design and create different indoor environments that meet the Early Years Learning Goals for England and Wales. You will learn what constitutes an effective learning environment, the Early Years Framework, the Early Years Learning Goals, characteristics of effective learning, theories used in the early years setting, the seven areas of learning, the Assessment Profile, Development Matters of Children, guidance and ideas for designing different learning environments in your nursery and preschool, and what you (the practitioner) can do to help children and make learning fun and enjoyable. The course is laid out in such a way that all content can be adapted to suit cultural and religious requirements in any country and in this way, a broad and balanced curriculum is presented to the child.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in pursuing a career in childcare
  • Anyone wanting to improve their skills in teaching and learning at nursery and preschool level
  • Nursery nurse/practitioner, Nursery staff, Baby sitter, Kindergarten, Early Years, Teaching Assistants
  • Anyone who enjoys working with children
  • Anyone who is thinking of teaching the British Early Years curriculum
  • Anyone looking for a change in career
  • Childminders/nannies
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