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JavaScript Data Pagination Code

 Scope of this course is focused on applying JavaScript to create Pagination! - You need to have JavaScript knowledge before taking the course.  Concepts covered are focused on a solution.
 JavaScript Data Pagination Code
What you'll learn
  • How to apply JavaScript
  • How to get data and parse it to output on web pages
  • Creating elements on the fly with JavaScript
 SOURCE CODE is included every step of the wayOften asked for by students is how to do pagination - the scope of this course is just that.   Applying JavaScript code to break apart a large number of items across multiple pages.  Then allow for navigation between them
If you have a lot of content pieces and want to provide a way to break them into pages so that users can easy view them, pagination is your solution.  The course covers using JavaScript to first get the data from an API.  Then load the data so that it can then be chunked into more manageable pieces.   Creating multiple pages for user consumption.
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