JavaScript for Python Developers - The Complete Introduction

Among Python programmers, Javascript has a tendency to be considered a very ... Javascript has steadily improved, and especially with the introduction of the udemy
 JavaScript for Python Developers - The Complete Introduction
What you'll learn
  • Data Types
  • Normal, Anonymous and Arrow Functions
  • Differences Between Python and JavaScript
  • The DOM and The Events
  • JavaScript ES6
  • The differences between var, let and const
  • Error Handling with Try and Catch
  • CSS and HTML manipulation with JavaScript
  • JavaScript Classes
 Hello everyone! Welcome to JavaScript for Python Developers! In this course you will learn JavaScript for web development!

This course is different from most JavaScript courses because:

You will learn all the fundamentals of JavaScript such as Data Types, Control Flow and Loops while at the same time comparing them with their Python counterparts, using both coding examples and slides to make such comparisons.

This is a proven learning technique that will allow you to learn everything explained in the course in a very short period of time.

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