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Learn TensorFlow Slim(TF-Slim) From Scratch

 Welcome to this course: Learn TensorFlow Slim(TF-Slim) From Scratch. TensorFlow-Slim is a light-weight library for defining, training, and evaluating complex models in TensorFlow. With the TensorFlow-Slim library, we can build, train, and evaluate the model easier by providing lots of high-level layers, variables, and regularizers.
 Learn TensorFlow Slim(TF-Slim) From Scratch
 In this course, you'll learn:
  • Introduction to TF-Slim API
  • Learn how to build readable and maintainable deep learning models 
  • Learn about TF-Slim's wrapper functions 
  • Understand how to fine-tune a pre-trained model
  • Explore how to use different machine learning models to ask different questions of your data
  • Learn how to take a model trained on a specific task and use it for another task
  • Learn to implement routings for model training, evaluation, and hyper-parameter tuning
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