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Learning Tensorflow in iOS and Android using Python & Keras!

 Do you want to find out how to create a machine learning model and ... The first part of the post shows how to easily create a Keras model that is using TensorFlow. ... Once you have Python installed I would recommend to setup pipenv ... your model accelerated by GPU on both iOS and Android then there ...
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Created by Mammoth Interactive, John Bura

What you'll learn
  • Learn everything with examples and practical projects
  • Become an expert in Python and Java
  • Use TensorFlow to build, train, and test machine learning models
  • Give your apps the power to recognize and classify images using the Keras framework
  • Explore machine learning concepts
  • Incorporate machine learning models into Android apps
  • Intro to iOS, Xcode, Swift, Core ML, and image recognition
  • Build apps like the pros: explore Pre-built models and get a sneak peek at TensorFlow Lite
  • Use PyCharm and Android Studio to build apps.
  • And More!
  • No experience required!
  • We will take you through the steps of downloading and installing Android Studio, PyCharm, and Python
  • We will show you how to get all required programs for free
  • This course was recorded on a Mac, but you can use a PC
We at Mammoth Interactive value input from students like you. Feel free to leave us your feedback.
Learn TensorFlow, PyCharm, Java, Keras, and TensorFlow Lite. And so much more!
Machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, and artificial intelligence are all around us, and they're not going away. I will show you how to get a grasp on this ever-growing technology in this course.

This course is the result of a very successful KickStarter!
With this course I will help you understand what machine learning is and compare it to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Together we will discover applications of machine learning and where we use machine learning daily.
You will learn how to analyze images with the Keras library. We'll also take a look at TensorFlow Lite to:
  • Build an object-localization app
  • Build image/text classification
  • Build a text summarizer
  • This course is full of projects!
No experience? No problem
I'll teach you all fundamentals of PyCharm, Python, TensorFlow. Even if you have coding knowledge, going back to the basics is the key to success as a programmer. We will build and run Python projects.
 I teach through practical examples, follow-alongs, and over-the-shoulder tutorials. You won't need to go anywhere else.

Build Models
By the end of this course, you will have tons of machine learning projects on your belt. You will know how to build complete computational models and train models to make predictions.

A machine learning framework for everyone
If you want to build ​sophisticated and intelligent mobile apps​ or simply want to know more about how machine learning works in a mobile environment, this course is for you.

Be one of the first
There are next to ​no courses on big platforms that focus on ​mobile machine learning in particular. All of them focus specifically on machine learning for a desktop or laptop environment.
We provide ​clear, concise explanations​ at each step along the way so that viewers can not only replicate, but also ​understand and ​expand upon what I teach. Other courses don’t do a great job of explaining exactly what is going on at each step in the process and why we choose to build models the way we do.

No prior knowledge is required
We will teach you all you need to know about the languages, software and technologies we use. If you have lots of experience building machine learning apps, you may find this course a little slow because it’s designed for beginners.

Jump into a field that has more ​demand than supply
Machine learning changes everything. It’s bringing us self-driving cars, facial recognition and artificial intelligence. And the best part is: anyone can create such innovations.

Why choose Mammoth Interactive?
We prioritize learning by doing. We blend theory with practical projects to ensure you get a ​hands-on experience​ by building projects alongside your instructor. Our experienced instructors know how to explain topics clearly at a logical pace. Check out our huge catalog of courses for more content.
Also now included in these bundles are our extra courses. If you want to learn to use other programs such as Camtasia or Sketch, you get more content than what you paid for this way!
We really hope you decide to purchase this course and take your knowledge to the next level. Let's get started.
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