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SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and Hadoop

 A comprehensive journey through the world of database and data engineering concepts - from SQL, NoSQL to Hadoopudemy discount code
 SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and Hadoop
What you'll learn
  • Build an intuition from RDBMS system through NoSQL to the Big Data on the Cloud and Hadoop platform
  • Understand various distributed database classifications
  • Understand when and how to use Redis or Key-Value Stores
  • Understand when and how to use MongoDB or Document-oriented databases
  • Understand and use HBase as a Wide-Columnar Store
  • Understand and use Time series database (InfluxDB)
  • Understand and use Elasticsearch as a search engine
  • Understand and use Neo4J as a Graph Database Management System
  • Understand large scale distributed data storage and processing in Hadoop
  • Understand when and how to use and build Streaming architecture with Apache Kafka
  • Use Apache Hive and Understand where to use it in respect to big data platforms
  • Understand a number of SQL-on-Hadoop Engines and how they work
  • Understand how to use data engineering capabilities to enable a data-driven organization
 This course covers almost all classes of databases or data storage platform there are and when to consider using them. It is a great journey through databases that will be great for software developers, big data engineers, data analysts as well as decision makers. It is not an in-depth look into each of the databases but promises to get you up and running with your first project for each class.
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