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Statistics & Applied Data Science - Business Data Analysis

 270+ video lectures include real life practical projects and examples for people need to learn statistics for Machine learning and Data Analysis  .
Statistics & Applied Data Science - Business Data Analysis
What you'll learn
  • Data analysis FAQ related to interview questions in your career .
  • Four main things you should know them in data analysis and business analysis
  • Normal distribution and standard normal  in details using Z table .
  • Sampling distribution with practical simulation apps and answering of important technical questions .
  • Confidence level and Confidence interval .
  • What is t distribution ? ( with projects )
  • Inferential and Descriptive statistics with collection of important quizzes and examples .
  • One sample mean t test .
  • Two sample means t test .
  • How to calculate P value using manual and direct method ?
  • What is after data analysis ?
 After hard working from five months ago we created +270 Lectures/Articles to cover everything related to practical statistics .     
In no time with simple and easy way you will learn and love  statistics .
We stress in this course to make it very spontaneous to make all students love statistics .  
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