Tableau Certified Associate Certification 2019

Tableau Certified Associate Certification is a great way to prove your Tableau knowledge.
In the official Tableau website, there is a curriculum that lists all the topics that you have to know before the certification exam.
 Tableau Certified Associate Certification 2019
What you'll learn
  • Exam Facts & Exam Registration
  • Exam Rules & Exam Environment
  • Tableau Desktop vs. Tableau Public
  • Start Page, Data Source Page, Workspace
  • Aggregation & Granularity
  • Measure vs. Dimension
  • Continuous vs. Discrete
  • Auto-Generated Fields
  • Field Type Conversion
  • Text Tables - Highlight Tables
  • Scatter Plot - Heat Map - Tree Map
  • Combined Axis Chart vs. Dual Axis Chart 
 Tableau is a leading tool for data analytics and data visualization. Getting a Tableau Certification will dramatically improve your career prospects because Tableau is like an industry-standard in many fields such as Business Analytics and Business Intelligence.

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