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Tableau Desktop 2019 - A Complete Introduction

 Tableau Desktop 2019 - A Complete Introduction
 Then Tableau Desktop is the tool you were looking for! Take the chance and join this practical oriented course and learn all you need to easily take your first steps in your own data analysis projects!
What you'll learn
  • Understand Tableau Desktop and use it in your own data analysis projects
  • Get to know Tableau Desktop and understand its position within the Tableau Platform
  • Learn and apply the core Tableau Desktop features for data preparation, analysis and visualization
  • Dive into a typical data analysis project workflow
  • Understand the data source segment of Tableau Desktop and connect Tableau Desktop to various source types
  • Build various visuals (line-chart, bar-chart, treemap, map, scatter plot and more)
  • Dive into calculated fields - Basic calculations, level of detail expressions & table calculations, all covered in the course
  • Understand the differences between groups and sets
  • Learn how to create and add parameters to filters and calculations
  • Create bin charts from scratch
  • Use data blending to establish relationships and to connect tables from different data sources
  • Understand how to create interactive dashboards and stories
  • Get the required knowledge to dive deeper into Tableau and into additional tools within the Tableau Platform
 This course goes beyond Tableau's simple drag-and-drop interface though. Tableau offers more than creating charts, so we'll dive into its core features along the entire data analysis project workflow from source file up to final dashboard!
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