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VFX Production On-Set: Becoming a Visual Effects Supervisor

An On-Set VFX Supervisor makes sure that the required VFX shots are executed as ... day begins with an early morning so he can get to set before production begins. .... The Visual Effects Society (VES) has plenty to offer aspiring On-Set VFX ...
Last Updated: 10/2019 Instructor: Vicki Lau
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45 lectures 3.5 hours English
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  • Know what it takes to become a visual effects supervisor in the film industry
  • Know what goes into the visual effects supervisor's toolkit
 About this Course
Always wondered if there was more to visual effects than just sitting behind the computer screen?
If you are the kind of person that loves the outdoors or simply want to find out how to apply your visual effects knowledge to a film set instead of directly onto a film shot, this course will take you through the journey and process of becoming a visual effects supervisor for any live-action film production.
Enjoy the Best Part of the Visual Effects Industry - On-Set and with the Director and Actors.
Learn by doing and preparing your very own visual effects on-set methods, team and toolkit by following these steps from pre-production to post-production of your very own visual effects shot that will put your supervision skills to the test.
Why This Course?
Taught by someone who has amassed experience in both film production, visual effects supervision as well as post-production visual effects on short and feature film
Step-by-step walkthrough from pre-production to post-production of a visual effects production with captured footage from film sets and useful production documents
Detailed insights and know-hows from real industry experts that would save you time, money as well as your reputation when supervising on-set and working with the director and cast
Unique behind-the-scenes footage and clips from various productions and Hollywood studios
 Move Beyond the Computer Screen to Working on Studio Lots and Experience the Best of Both Worlds - Visual Effects and Film Production.

You will Learn How: 
  • To work your way into becoming a visual effects supervisor
  • The visual effects bidding process works
  • To identify key team members and visual effects vendors to work with
  • To supervise and lead visual effects productions from pre-production to post-production
  • To work with members of the crew including the director, director of photography and production design
  • To capture and utilize on-set data and information for visual effects
  • To prepare for a visual effects shoot
  • Visual effects supervisors think and plan
Complete with additional resources, and a fun and engaging live teaching style (alongside multiple industry veterans), students who complete the course will also be welcomed to connect with the instructor for additional educational or collaborative opportunities.
If you participate in this course, you will walk on a film set more empowered and confident, able to command your visual effects crew to ensure that they dress in the right shade of green and pull off the most impressive post-production-saving moves ever - 
Because you know what they say about fixing it in post. Do not.
DISCLAIMER: the thoughts and opinions of all speakers in this course are not representative of any organization, company or business and are to be taken as personal opinion and insights shared only.
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