[2020] Svelte.js - The Complete Developer Bootcamp

 [2020] Svelte.js - The Complete Developer Bootcamp

 [2020] Svelte.js - The Complete Developer Bootcamp  / get udemy coupon code

A list of Udemy courses from Brad Traversy's Web Development 2020 video ... JavaScript - The Complete Guide 2020 (Beginner + Advanced) by .... Svelte Tutorial and Projects Course by John Smilga (148 lectures / 15.5hrs); Svelte.js ... Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2020
What you'll learn
  •     Learn to Build Fast and efficient Web apps
  •     Basic Concepts of SvelteJS like Conditionals, Loops, Variables, components, etc.
  •     Intermediate Concepts like Props, Slot, Animations of SvelteJS
  •     Advance Concepts Like Managing data through Store, Network Request, etc.
  •     How to Achieve SSR(Server Side Rendering) or pre-render your app on a server
  •     How to Improve SEO for the App.
  •     Deployment of the Svelte App

Svelte is a modern JavaScript compiler that helps you to write efficient Javascript code with a very simple Syntax.

Svelte is not a Framework but a Compiler. The Svelte compiler produces small and highly efficient JavaScript code which runs seamlessly on the browsers.

It's an awesome alternative to JavaScript frameworks like Vue, React or Angular.

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