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7 Quality Tools with Minitab & Excel for Quality Management

A complete Crash Course on the 7 Basic Tools for Quality Management and its Implementation using MS Excel. ... Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt with Minitab. Anna Grabowska-Grabiec ... Cause and Effect Diagram Using MS Excel. udemy
 7 Quality Tools with Minitab & Excel for Quality Management
What you'll learn
  • Define and understand seven quality tools and their functions in quality.
  • How to use Minitab and excel to solve quality problems.
  • How to find the problems, solutions and improve the process for future business endeavors.
  • How to extract important information from data.
  • How to use the findings for future improvements.
  • How to drive a sense of continuous improvement in an organization through Quality tools.
 About course-  7 Quality Tools with Minitab & Excel for Quality Management"As much as 95% of quality related problems in the factory can be solved with seven fundamental quantitative tools", Kaoru Ishikawa (Professor at the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Tokyo, also known as father of Japanese Quality Control/ father of the scientific analysis of the causes of problems in industrial processes).
Are you looking for a course that serves as a foundation of problem-solving, improvements and root cause analysis? Are you manufacturing, business, service or quality based professional or do you have an interest in these fields? Do you want to walk with professional problem-solving issues that matter for a lifetime? If so, congratulations, this course is definitely for you!
Walking through various journeys as a formulation scientist, Quality Management, Lean, six sigma and quality assurance specialist I felt my skills must be transformed to a learning platform that can help students solve the most basics of the quality problems. Seven Quality Tools will help you walk with skills applicable daily in business and quality management sectors.
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