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Angular Progressive Web Apps (PWA) MasterClass & FREE E-Book

 Angular Progressive Web Apps (PWA) MasterClass & FREE E-Book

 Angular Progressive Web Apps (PWA) MasterClass & FREE E-Book  / get udemy coupon code

Angular Progressive Web Apps (PWA) MasterClass & FREE E-Book. Practical Guide to Angular 6 Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Take this course.

What you'll learn
  •     Code in Github repository with downloadable ZIP files per section
  •     Learn in detail multiple features made available by the Angular Service Worker
  •     Learn How to turn your Angular Application into a PWA
  •     Make your Angular Application Downloadable and Installable
  •     Make you Angular Application One-Click Installable with an App Manifest
  •     Add an Application Shell for boosting Initial Startup Performance
  •     Add Push Notifications using the Angular Service Worker
  •     Improve Application Performance with Application Data Caching
  •     Learn Service Worker Fundamentals
  •     Learn the Service Worker Lifecycle in Detail
  •     Debug Service Workers using the Chrome Dev Tools

This Course In a Nutshell - Part 1 Angular Service Worker (includes the Typescript Jumpstart Ebook)

In the first part of the course we are going to dive straight into the Angular Service Worker and the built-in Angular CLI PWA support. We are going to take as the starting point a plain Angular Application, and we are going to start adding PWA features on top of it in order to turn it into a Progressive Web Application.

We will start by adding the Angular Service Worker and have the Application Download & Installation feature up and running. We will learn all about Application Version Management and we will learn about the multiple caching strategies available for caching not only the application bundles, but also the application data.

We will then add an Application Shell using the Angular CLI and Angular Universal, and make the application One-Click Installable using an App Manifest. Finally we will add Push Notifications to the application using the Angular Service Worker, for a complete mobile-like PWA experience.
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