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Apache Flink | A Real Time & Hands-On course on Flink

 Apache Flink | A Real Time & Hands-On course on Flink

Apache Flink | A Real Time & Hands-On course on Flink  / get udemy coupon code

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What you'll learn
  • Learn a cutting edge and Apache's latest Stream processing framework i.e. Flink.
  • Learn a technology which is much faster than Hadoop and Spark.
  • Understand the working of each and every component of Apache Flink with HANDS-ON Practicals.
  • Even learn those concepts which are not properly explained in Flink's official documentation.
  • Solve Real-Time Business case studies using Apache Flink.
  • Data-sets and Flink codes used in lectures are available in resources tab. This will save your typing efforts.

Apache Flink is the successor to Hadoop and Spark. It is the next generation Big data engine for Stream processing. If Hadoop is 2G, Spark is 3G then Apache Flink is the 4G in Big data stream processing frameworks. Actually Spark was not a true Stream processing framework, it was just a makeshift to do it but Apache Flink is a TRUE Streaming engine with added capacity to perform Batch, Graph, Table processing and also to run Machine Learning algorithms.

Apache Flink is the latest Big data technology and is rapidly gaining momentum in the market. It is assumed that same like  Apache Spark replaced Hadoop, Flink can also replace Spark in the coming near future.

Demand of Flink in market is already swelling. Big companies like Capital One (Bank), Alibaba (eCommerce), Uber (Transportation) have already started using Apache Flink to process their Real-time Big data and thousands other are diving into.
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