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Automated Machine Learning With Python

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Automated Machine Learning in Python. An organization can also reduce the cost of hiring many experts by applying AutoML in their data pipeline. AutoML also reduces the amount of time it would take to develop and test a machine learning model.
 Automated Machine Learning With Python

What you'll learn
  •     Learn to build model with AutoSklearn
  •     Learn to build model with AutoKeras
  •     Learn to build model with TPOT (tree-based pipeline optimization tool)
  •     Introduction to Automated Machine Learning
  •     Learn to build model with AutoKeras-Pretrained

Automated Machine Learning(AutoML) is currently one of the explosive subfields within Data Science. It sounds great for those who are not fluent in machine learning and terrifying for current Data Scientists. In this course, we are going to provide students with knowledge of Automated Machine Learning. Students will learn to use Auto Sklearn, Auto Keras, TPOT in their real world problems.

In this course we are going to work on
  •     Credit card fraud detection using Auto-Sklearn
  •     Mobile price prediction using Auto-Sklearn
  •     Medical insurance cost prediction using TPOT
  •     Red wine quality classification using TPOT
  •     Image classification using Auto-Keras
  •     Image classification using ANN(Auto-Keras)
  •     Image classification using CNN(Auto-Keras)
  •     Text classification using Auto-Keras
  •     Object detection using Auto-Keras
  •     Topic classification using Auto-Keras
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