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Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports / get ed2go course code

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application, marketed to small and medium businesses by SAP SE. Contents. 1 History; 2 Versions and editions;
If you work with large amounts of data and need to create engaging reports with that data, then you need to learn Crystal Reports. As data analysis becomes increasingly important in business, knowing how to use Crystal Reports, SAP's widely-used business intelligence application, is critical. This course will teach you to use Crystal Reports and create custom SQL statements to analyze data and create reports that convey clear messages.

You will learn to format reports, to filter and group data, to use formulas, to create summary reports and charts and to export reports. You will then learn how to use sections to improve formatting, how to create sub reports, how to work with custom groups, and how to create report alerts. Finally, you will learn more advanced features of Crystal Reports and will receive a thorough introduction to SQL, including how to work with databases, how to perform simple and advanced SELECTs, and more.

By the end of the course, you will know how to connect to a data source and how to select subsets of the data to import into Crystal Reports to analyze. You will be able to create useful reports, manipulate their look and feel, and export them in a variety of shareable formats.
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 Code: GES3013

What You Will Learn
  •     To work with reports and custom SQL statements
  •     To connect to a data source
  •     To select subsets of data and perform analysis
  •     To format reports and share with others

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