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Dual Certification: Lean Six Sigma White Belt & Yellow Belt

 Dual Certification: Lean Six Sigma White Belt & Yellow Belt

 Dual Certification: Lean Six Sigma White Belt & Yellow Belt  / get udemy coupon code

Clear Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam in your first attempt. Learn More! Become a key stakeholder in leading & implementing Lean Six Sigma projects in your company. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Industry Expert Trainer.

What you'll learn
  • Learn Six-Sigma DMAIC for improving already existing projects (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) and DMADV process for new projects (Define, Measurement, Analyse, Design and Verify).
  • Know working with basic quality tools with software (Minitab 2017,18,19 compatible) and excel even if you have no prior knowledge using and working with it with data and templates.
  • A knowledge of what all the lean tools means and how you can work with them.
  • Just get acquainted with Lean management and improvement tools like Kaizen, Root Cause Analysis, Key Performance Indicators, PDCA and A3, Smart goals, Pull System, Value Stream Mapping and process mapping, Andon, Jidoka(Autonomation), Work Standardization, Just In Time (JIT), Hosin-Kanri.
  • Get acquainted with lean defect and waste reduction tools like: 5S, 3M (Muda, Mura, Muri), Poka-Yoke or Mistake Proofing, Heijunka, Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • An overview how big companies are using lean and six-sigma to improve their business as a guidance for you to improve your business.
  • And this could be a bonus to introduce your skills in resume.


'Quality, Content & Certification' of two Lean Six Sigma Training Programs ; 'Lean Six Sigma White Belt' and 'Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt' in the price of one.

Grow your business and lean management skills with this course with on-demand 5.5 hours course with over 15 Modules (105+ topics) covering 20 lean tools, 30 downloadable resources, templates and data files, 4 Case Studies how Fortune 500 companies use Lean and Six Sigma, 7 QC tools explained with Software integration (Minitab 17/18/19  & Excel), downloadable ebooks, 2 practice tests, Quizzes and plenty more !

Do you know that in the U.S., those with at least one level of Six Sigma training make an average of $17,762/month more than those who had not received Six Sigma training? In Canada a six sigma trained professional makes an average $5,861 more! And a single Master Black Belts make an average of $44,636 more than those without a Master Black Belt! On an average, enterprises achieve 65% of higher project savings by adhering to Six Sigma methodology. Enterprises using Process Improvement Methodology (like lean & six sigma) achieve 40% more ROI than those who did not use it.
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